Colorado State University Extension – CSU Lawncheck

What background does CSU Extension and its staff have in lawn site visits?
Early work involving farmers and ranchers has expanded to affect the lives of Coloradoans through educational programs in community forestry, nurseries, greenhouses, gardens, landscapes and more.

University turf specialists, plant pathologists, entomologists, weed scientists and plant clinicians provide backup and continuing education for CSU Lawncheck county staff.

How are you different than lawn care companies that offer site visits?
CSU Extension Lawncheck staff have no vested interest in particular products, equipment or methods. As educators and consultants, they offer advice unburdened by the need to “make the sale.” This allows customers to verify information on lawn problems and care knowing it comes from a source they can trust. The University’s Lawncheck staff work in partnership with customers AND lawn care professionals to achieve the goal of growing a healthy lawn.

What types of lawn problems can you help me with?
Thinning lawns, dying lawns, failing newly seeded or sodded lawns, older problem lawns, weedy lawns and lawns with brown spots are typical of the problems brought to CSU Extension. The CSU Lawncheck program looks for the root causes of problems and provides recommendations.

When should I have a lawn problem examined?
Lawn problems are best diagnosed as they develop and display active symptoms. Problems that are weeks and months old, unless they recur, are difficult to diagnose. Contact CSU Lawncheck staff to examine your lawn problem while it is new to obtain the best diagnosis. Delaying may prevent finding the real cause of the problem.

Do you test soil and plants?
Soil and plant testing can be done by Colorado State University labs. In certain limited situations tests may may help determine problem causes and solutions. For most lawn problems, the additional charges for lab tests are unwarranted and results contribute little or nothing to solving plant problems. Let CSU Lawncheck staff be your guide in determining if such tests are likely to be helpful in your situation.

Who from your organization will help me?
CSU Extension staff based in select Colorado counties are offering lawn site visits. They are trained in lawns and participate in continuing education to stay current and maintain skills.

What is expected of me in having a site visit made?
Site visits are only made where the owner and manager of the turf can meet CSU Lawncheck staff to sign for lawful entry to the property and provide information about the lawn’s history and care. The irrigation system may need to be operated to determine how water is being applied. If the owner is not the lawn manager, both parties should be present to insure that all information is available to determine the problem. If dogs or other animals are on the property, they must be kenneled.

How are your services priced?
Discuss your location with your county CSU Lawncheck staff person to determine the price of a site visit. Mileage charges may apply. Any laboratory analysis is an additional charge.

Where is this service available?
CSU Lawncheck is currently available from Colorado State University Extension offices in the following counties:

Adams – (303) 637-8100
Arapahoe – (303) 730-1920
Broomfield – (303) 464-5558
Denver/Jefferson – (303) 271-6620
Douglas – (720) 733-6930
Larimer – (970) 498-6000
Weld – – (970) 400-2073

What other sources of lawn care information are available to me?
Learn more about the CSU Turfgrass Program, or learn more about home lawn care through Planttalk Colorado™. Paper fact sheets and Planttalk Colorado™ brochures can be obtained from any of our County Extension offices located throughout Colorado.